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Do You stock ready made frames?

No – there are lots of ready made frames available in the DIY stores and supermarkets at every price and quality you can imagine. There’s enough to keep us busy making individual, personalised frames which can’t be ready made.

My needlework or tapestry has uneven tension – can you help?
We have framed lots of fabric art both old and new and expect every piece to be individual. While there may be the occasional piece which can’t be made perfect, we are very experienced in wonky weave.

Do You Frame items which are not pictures?

Yes, it’s not only pictures. We have framed Medals, Coins, Boxing Gloves, Toys, Race Visors and many other unusual items.

How Much Will It cost?

Sometimes it’s possible to give a “ball park” figure based on the details you give. In these cases the parameters can be quite wide until you make a choice of material and style.

It’s always best to bring in the item to be framed so we can discuss which presentation suits best and give an exact costing at the time. It’s not unusual to choose different styles or colours once you discuss the options available.

Is your wood from sustainable sources?

Our mouldings are made by a range manufacturers across Europe and the UK. Our wholesalers mostly supply woods which are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Our wooden frames are solid wood with a range of different finishes applied. Our most popular woods are Ayous, sometimes referred to as Obeche which is commonly used in furniture manufacture.