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Can you frame my tapestry / cross-stitch / needlework / fabric?
We LOVE fabric artwork! You invest many hours into creating this type of artwork, so the framing should respect and preserve the work you have put in.


Do You Frame Medals?

The short answer is ‘Yes’.

Medals of any kind are normally awarded for some kind of outstanding achievement. It’s such a shame that so many are consigned to a drawer, and almost forgotten.

When framing any kind of medals, our remit as truly professional framers is to ensure that they remain undamaged and preserved for future generations to enjoy.


What are your frames made of?

We offer a wide selection of wooden and aluminium materials

Our wooden frames are all real wood – most commonly Obeche – a sustainable hardwood often used in sauna interiors, and also used by the Gibson Guitar Company for the fingerboard of certain Les Paul models. We also work with solid oak, ash, and maple. All our timber is acquired from responsibly managed sources.

MDF frames have their place, it’s just not here. You’ll get them (and compressed cardboard ones) from major Home Furnishing stores, DIY stores, some reputable department stores and even some framers. MDF frames are not designed to be permanent – hence the rather low selling price.


How Much Will It cost?

….my picture is roughly THAT size / I just want a basic frame / I want your cheapest frame

We treat picture framing as a precision job. We have a vast selection of real wood frames on show. Your choice of mount colours and combinations stretches into many hundreds as well.

We create bespoke, handmade frames using the very best materials to enhance and protect your work.

Add these together with an unknown individual size, and you’ll see why it becomes a little unprofessional on our part to just guess. The chances are high that we would get it wrong – it’s impossible to hold prices in our head.

And to be perfectly honest, the cheapest, most basic frame (and yes, we do have them) might well be totally unsuitable for your picture anyway.

We’d be delighted to spend time with you and your picture. We can look at a few options and prices, and we’re sure you will find something which suits your picture, your wall, and your budget!”