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Featured Artists

Every now and then a particular artist will stand out. It may be their subject, style or outstanding achievement. At Frame Art Display, we would like to acknowledge quality artwork by dedicating this page to the creators…


Our Feature Artist for April is Steve Urwin

An artist with a love of Texture and colour, Steve is creative on more than one front Growing up without any desire to paint or do anything academic, he wanted to be a successful rock musician (and still does). The youth driven desire may have dimmed a little but he still writes music and can be found playing live from time to time.

Born and bred in Blackpool where there was a pub on every corner that had a live band playing, he had a musical education that shaped and inspired his life.

Steve’s background was mainly the passion for music and playing in bands all over the area.
Although art was of little interest to him, it was quite a distant subject during school and teenage years, he did like the work of Paul Klee and Cezanne.

He had sketched on and off, finding it relaxing and following an illness in 2002, he
began to draw and paint.
This new found love became a channel which allowed him to express himself and gave perspective to life’s experiences and emotions.

Steve works mainly with acrylic on canvas, using brushes, palette knives and fingers.
The presence of a white canvas waiting for the subject to begin is a never ending journey of discovery and learning.
His work is often spontaneous and he has been quoted ” if i can see it i can do it”.
A great deal of Steve’s work begins with photos as an initial blueprint, most times the initial image develops as a part of something else!

Commenting on a recent piece “There will be storms” Steve spoke of meeting an old friend who works backstage in London’s theatres and how most of his work though unseen is necessary for the stage productions to function.

“There will be Storms” defines this situation – most of the brushstrokes are under the foreground but are essential to the finished work.
As Steve says “life can be like that. Good to remember those who help keep the wheels turning.”

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