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The frames

We’re here to advise and help you choose the best option, so we have an extensive range of contemporary and traditional frames on display ready for you to try next to your work.

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The mount

We use acid-free and conservation materials to ensure your work is well protected. From any shades of white, through to bright and vibrant colours, the choice is endless!

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The Glass

We can advise on the most suitable option depending on the kind of work you wish to frame.Glass Choices

Our regular glass is 2mm float offering a stable and cost  effective protection for the front of your frame.

Our premium option is True Vue  water white. This is an extra clear glass offering very low levels of reflection and the truest possible showing of your artwork,

Diffused glass – often referred to as non reflective with an etched surface it’s more expensive than the float glass but offers a lower cost low reflection.


Museum Grade uv glass

Reflection control, water white, clear coated glass will reduce reflection at 90 degrees to less than 1%, and will improve U.V. light filtering to 97+% (plain glass is around 45%). A coating of oxides deposited onto the glass works to reduce reflection by counteracting and thereby ‘flattening’ the light rays as they bounce back off the surface.
It also boasts true colour transmission, and gives a stunning effect of clarity. This type of glass is superb for mixed media works with texture, unvarnished oils, charcoals, fabrics etc as the quality of the surface remains vibrant and clear.