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Dry Mounting

Many items are liable to curve or cockle perhaps because they arrive rolled up in tubes or even are made of a material which is susceptible to curling. The pressure between the back and front of you picture frame is often not enough to keep your picture remaining perfectly flat as most papers will expand and contract with changes in ambient temperature and humidity. Dry mounting, is a method of permanently bonding the picture to a more stable substrate such as foam centre board to provide the stability and flatness needed. This is a non reversible process suitable for posters, commercial displays and photographs.


Canvas Printing / Stretching

We print canvases from your file in house. Our printer will print up to 1.3m wide by any length.  The canvas will then be beautifully stretched with a choice of gallery style where the image continues around the edge or framed in any of our mouldings.

We will also be pleased to restretch  paintings or printed images onto our strong stretcher frames.


Mount Cutting

Sometimes all you need is a new mount. If you already have frame where the mount doesn’t suit the artwork, we can cut you a new one to suit the colours and proportions of your new picture.  Double-mounts, triple-mounts, decorative slip frames, v-grooves – they all help to make you piece of art unique.